Where are you located?

We are located on 23 Duane St, right off of River St in Oneonta, NY. Some of you may remember Bresee's old warehouse and we are right next door! Click here to get directions via Google Maps.

What items do you accept?

All donations are subject to staff approval on site.

•Doors & doors hardware    •Solid wood furniture    •Cabinet sets & hardware    •Lumber & trim over 4 feet    •Solid wood flooring    •File cabinets    •Lighting    •Plywood & sheet-goods, 1/2 sheet or larger    •Full boxes of laminate flooring    •Vinyl thermal pane windows    •Tools    •Usable bath & plumbing fixtures    •New kitchen faucets (in packaging)    •Usable electrical parts    •Unused carpet, rug, & vinyl    • Unused tile & counter top    •Bricks, pavers, & stone    •Shelving    •Siding & fencing    •Glass & mirrors    •Roofing, flashing, & gutters    •Wooden mini blinds

What items are not allowed?

•Upholstered furniture     •Disassembled pressboard furniture     •Lumber & trim under 4 foot    •Fiberglass insulation     •Commercial or institutional doors     •Office partitions     •Extra large desks     •Appliances or electronics     •200+ volt lighting fixtures     •Boxes of mixed parts      •Rusty hardware      •Oil or alkyd paint & paint thinner     •Propane tanks or containers      •Non-starting gas powered equipment      •Combustibles     •Items with signs of mildew, rodent contaminants, rot or insect damage, water or moisture damage, too-thick paint, peeling paint, items at the end of their useful life & integrity

Is there a return policy?

All sales are final.

Are donations tax deductible?

Yes, but you as the customer are responsible for assessing the value of your donation to the extent allowable by the law. If you would like, we have a donation receipt for your tax records. Please see our staff when dropping off an item!